Selling products and services

​When selling products or services, it is important to understand your legal obligations, how to find and keep customers, and your requirements under fair trading law.

  • Read our Selling products section for information on finding a supplier, trade measurement and labelling requirements, understanding product recalls and meeting product standards.
  • Read our Customers section for information on keeping loyal customers, how to provide good customer service, e-marketing and dealing with customer complaints.
  • Read our Fair trading section to help you understand your requirements when displaying prices, providing refunds and warranties, complying with consumer law and business scams to be aware of. 

You may also be looking to start an importing or exporting business, or you may be looking to import or export goods as part of running or growing your business.

When selling products and services, you may seek out tenders and contracts for work when starting or growing your business.

  • Read Tenders and contracts for more information on selling to government, how to find tenders and contracts, and tenders and contracts in your state or territory.
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