Major Projects Facilitation Agency (MPFA)

Major project developments in Australia need to comply with various levels of regulatory approvals across different levels of government.

The Major Projects Facilitation Agency provides a single entry point for major project proponents seeking tailored information and facilitation of their regulatory approval requirements.

The Agency ensures certainty about what process you should follow to gain approvals for your major project. It does this by:

  • providing information on Commonwealth regulations and approvals
  • mapping critical approvals pathways and processes for major investment projects above $20 million, in consultation with regulators and government agencies
  • facilitating communication between regulators and project proponents
  • monitoring approvals milestones for projects, and addressing any issues with the process.

The Agency assists major projects at all stages of development by providing a range of facilitation and information services, and also delivers the Major Project Facilitation Programme to eligible projects. The Agency also has an online help tool to help project proponents in working out which Australian Government regulatory approvals and process they must consider.

All services are free of charge for eligible projects and carry no ongoing obligation. Information can be treated in-confidence on request.

The Agency has offices in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Launceston in Tasmania and Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

Major Projects Help tool

The Major Projects Help tool will assist you to understand what regulations and laws relate to your major project. It provides a list of relevant legislation that is tailored to individual projects based on the selections made within the tool, with links to more detail.

For more information and to access the Major Projects Help tool, go to:

Major Projects Help tool

Information and facilitation

This covers many ad hoc activities and aspects of preparing a major project. The Agency can approach regulators for would-be developers. The Agency works to identify and tailor a range of short, medium or long-term services relevant for specific projects.

Services range from connecting project proponents directly with regulators, collaborating across all levels of government to clarify a project’s regulatory pathway, facilitating meetings with Commonwealth regulatory agencies, and clarifying regulatory approval processes.

Service areas: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

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