Business Research and Innovation Initiative Feasibility study grant recipients

Applicants awarded grant funding offers under the Business Research and Innovation Initiative Programme.

On-the-spot technology for measuring pyrethroid surface residue

Applicant Name

Grant Funding

Atamo P/L


Australian Sensing & Identification Systems P/L


Iugotec P/L


Micropace P/L


Panorama Synergy Ltd


Tracking the effect and value of information products

Applicant Name

Grant Funding

Atraxium P/L


Avinium P/L


Gosource P/L


Houston Kemp P/L


Digitally enabled community engagement in policy and programme design

Applicant Name

Grant Funding

Collabforge P/L


Crawford Kaye P/L & Claire Agnew


Futuregov Australia P/L


Likely Theory P/L


Improve transparency and reliability of water market information

Applicant Name

Grant Funding

Aither P/L


Civic Ledger P/L


NGIS Australia P/L


The Marsden Jacob Unit Trust


Sharing information nationally to ensure child safety

Applicant Name

Grant Funding

Leading Directions P/L


Factil P/L (previously Infinuendo P/L)


Itree P/L


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