Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Grants

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Provides medium to long term industry-led collaborations with matched funding to solve industry problems and improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, a collaboration must:

  • contain at least one Australian industry organisation and one Australian research organisation
  • be able to match the grant funding sought.

Other eligibility requirements apply.

Contact information:

13 28 46


19th CRC selection round stage 1 successful applications

In October 2017, the Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science approved six applications in the 19th CRC selection round to progress to stage two of the assessment process and submit a full business case to support their applications.

Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) grants support medium to long term industry-led collaborations to solve industry problems and deliver tangible outcomes.

To support the overall aims of the CRC Program, CRCs undertake the following essential activities:

  • medium to long term industry-led high quality collaborative research to solve industry-identified problems and deliver outcomes consistent with Government Priorities, improving the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries
  • an industry-focused education and training program. This must include, but is not limited to, a PhD program that complements the research program and that increases engagement, technology development, skilled employees and R&D capacity within industry entities
  • implementation of strategies that build the R&D capacity within SMEs
  • deployment of research outputs and encouragement of take-up by industry.

CRC grants provide CRCs with up to 50% of the resources with no specified limit to funding available for each CRC. The CRC collaboration must at least match the amount of grant funding sought through cash and/or in-kind contributions. In-kind contributions are non-cash resources provided by participants in the CRC to conduct the activities of the CRC. They may be staff or non-staff resources.

You can use the funding to support the costs of:

  • research
  • salaries
  • student placements
  • commercialisation
  • capital items, such as equipment.

You cannot use CRC Program Funding for the same activities or project previously or currently financed through any other funding scheme.

CRCs will receive funding for a single, specified term to undertake the Activities in the Funding Agreement.

Eligibility criteria

Applications are open to all industry sectors and research disciplines. To be eligible for a CRC grant, applications must:

  • be submitted by a group of applicants who have agreed to collaborate
  • the collaboration must, at a minimum, include one Australian industry organisation and one Australian research organisation
  • demonstrate the ability to at least match the grant funding sought
  • demonstrate the ability to undertake essential activities of a CRC as outlined in the CRC Program Guidelines.

For more information on eligibility please refer to the Program Guidelines.

Merit criteria

The CRC Advisory Committee assesses CRC applications separately through a competitive, merit based process.

The selection criteria and weightings are:

  1. the expected industry outcomes (30%)
  2. the proposed research activities (30%)
  3. demonstrated governance and management capability (10%)
  4. the proposed education and/or training program (10%)
  5. value for money (10%)
  6. expected national benefits (10%).

For more information on merit criteria please refer to the Program Guidelines.

How to apply

When a selection round opens you can complete the online application form:

  • The agreed authorised representative must complete the application form.
  • You must identify an appropriate contact person that we can talk to in relation to your application.

19th selection round

Stage 1 Open Stage 1 Close Stage 2 Open Stage 2 Close Outcomes Announced Funding From
24 May 2017 12 July 2017 October 2017 December 2017 March 2018 July 2018

Please note that the schedule for CRC grants selection rounds are indicative timelines only and are subject to change.

For more information on CRC selection rounds please refer to the Program Guidelines.

If your application is successful

If you are successful in stage 1, you will receive an invitation letter to progress to stage 2 of the assessment process. In stage 2, applicants will be invited to:

  • submit a full written business case stage 2 application
  • be available for an interview.

If you are successful in stage 2, you will receive a letter of offer setting out funding details and any conditions you must address before entering a formal agreement. You will need to:

  • accept the offer
  • enter into negotiations with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to finalise the Funding Agreement.

Unsuccessful applicants at both stages will be notified in writing and may receive feedback on their application.

Key documents

  • Program guidelines
  • Sample application form – stage 1
  • Sample application form – stage 2
  • Sample funding agreement
  • CRC Program factsheet
  • CRC Program frequently asked questions


  • Impact tool
  • Impact tool user guide
  • Term sheet template
  • Term sheet – Attachment A
  • Participant declaration form
  • Participant declaration – Factsheet
  • Participants agreement
  • Eligible expenditure and participant contribution – Factsheet
  • Interview factsheet – stage 2
  • Financial data spreadsheet – stage 2

Grant recipients

Selection rounds

To see details of current and previous selection rounds, go to CRC selection round outcomes.

CRC Directory

The CRC Directory is updated annually. The directory provides information on each active CRC's grant period and funding amounts, research focus and expertise, essential participants, international collaborations, postgraduate target numbers, and Chair and key management personnel names. Contact details and links to each CRC's website are also included.

  • CRC Directory 2016-17

CRCs over time

The CRC Program was officially launched in 1990 and has been evaluated several times since it was established. After each evaluation, the Government of the day has renewed its commitment to funding of the program, sometimes with changes to the objectives and features of the program. The following summary details all of the CRCs funded since 1991 including their name, period, funding amount, objective and previous iterations.

  • List of Cooperative Research Centres over time

Customer stories

Find out how Australian research and industry have benefited from working with our Cooperative Research Centres in our customer stories.

Existing CRCs

CRC online

CRC online is the contract management system (portal) available to registered CRC users only.

  • CRC online user guide


  • Quarterly report guidelines – October 2017
  • Pre SR 18 annual report guidelines – 2016-17
  • Post SR 18 annual report guidelines – 2016-17
  • CRC Program contract variation guidelines
  • CRC Program contract variation request – Attachment A
  • CRC Program branding guidelines

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