CRC Projects Directory and selection round outcomes

CRC-P Directory

This directory provides a guide to all CRC-Ps that are currently funded.

For more detailed information about a CRC-P’s research, commercialisation or education activities, contact the individual CRC-P using the details provided in each listing.

CRC-P Directory 2016-17

Successful CRC-P 2nd Selection Round Projects

The following projects have been supported under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects stream of the CRC Programme.

Project titleTotal Grant Amount (ex GST) Total Project Value Participants (first organisation is the lead participant)
Large Area Perovskite Photovoltaic Material Coating on Glass Substrate $2,500,000$7,182,500 Dyesol Ltd
CSR Building Products Ltd
High power density motors incorporating advanced manufacturing methods$2,500,000$12,055,208 magniX Technologies Pty Ltd
Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
Development of New and Unique Super High Oleic Biobased Oil$3,000,000$10,170,754 GO Resources Pty Ltd
Kalyx Australia Pty Ltd
The trustee for Old Paroo Trust
Cargill Australia Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources
Emery Oleochemicals
Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Building Envelope Systems$3,000,000$10,635,000 CSR Building Products Ltd
INHABIT Australasia Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
Bespoke lightweight automotive carbon fibre composite seats$1,425,000$3,466,875 Quickstep Automotive Pty Ltd
Futuris Automotive Interiors (Australia) Pty Ltd
Deakin University
Targeting tropomyosin as a novel anti-cancer therapy$3,000,000$7,450,000 Novogen Ltd
I C P – Firefly Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Novel Glass Technologies and Photovoltaics in Protected Cropping$1,620,470$5,044,459 ClearVue Technologies Ltd
Edith Cowan University
Apex Greenhouses (Australia) Pty Ltd
An integrated modelling system for navigational aid in tidal inlets$425,180$1,881,500 OMC International Pty Ltd
Pivot Maritime International Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
MetOcean Solutions Ltd
Field deployable unit for the detection of Perfluorinated contaminants$2,830,392$7,487,509 Envirolab Services Pty Ltd
KD Analytical Australia Pty Ltd
University of Tasmania
Universal Solar Module Inspection and Data Storage System$1,840,739$4,399,467 BT Imaging Pty Ltd
PV Lighthouse Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
PV Lab Australia Pty Ltd
Epho Pty Limited
DNV GL Group
Targeted therapy for sleep apnoea: A novel personalised approach$2,950,000$10,772,924 Oventus Medical Ltd
Medical Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd
Western Sydney University
Neuroscience Research Australia
Enhanced market agility for the Australian tea tree industry$598,992$2,272,709 ATTIA Ltd
Southern Cross University
University of the Sunshine Coast
Offco Pty Ltd
P Guinane Pty Ltd
Vitroflora Pty Ltd
Narromine Transplants Pty Ltd
Cassegrain Tea Tree Oil Pty Ltd
Main Camp Natural Extracts Pty Ltd
Kilkie Pty Ltd
Phyllis O’Sullivan, John Murtagh & Michael Flanagan
L Rose & RA Rose
Tech-enabled Care Pathways for Head Trauma$2,200,000$8,112,500 Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Monash University
Industrialisation of a novel diagnostic biosensor for bladder cancer$2,430,356$9,246,468 SMR Automotive Australia Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
Flinders University
Maddern & Catt Unit Trust
The Trustee for the Pro Health Care Hope Valley Unit Trust
Wear life extension via surface engineered laser cladding for mining$2,616,000$8,266,000 LaserBond Ltd
Boart Longyear Ltd
University of South Australia
Graphene Supply Chain Certification$943,937$4,321,866 Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd
Duromer Products Pty Ltd
Power Efficient Wastewater Treatment Using Graphene Oxide Technology$632,285$1,661,785 Clean Teq Ltd
Iconic Industries Pty Ltd
Monash University

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