Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

The list of applicants that have been offered funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme includes:

  • when the offer was made
  • the name of the applicant
  • the project title, and
  • the amount of funding offered.

December 2018 Funding Offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Alkira Software Pty Ltd Alkira voice user interface for conversational commerce on web pages $616,888
Delta Kilo Pty Limited Delta Kilo BPM + BI platform for logistics industry $293,725
Biosensis Pty Ltd Applying new technologies to disease biomarker assays $231,750
Future Grid Pty Ltd US entry for Future Grid’s low voltage electricity management system $170,966
Handdii Pty Ltd Commercialisation of handdii - property insurance repair made easy $255,987
Measurement Engineering Australia Pty Ltd IoT solutions for productive agriculture $485,145
Navag8 Pty Ltd Navag8 is a business to business goals oriented savings and investment platform $313,631
Persollo Pty Ltd Data-driven instant checkout e-commerce platform $260,000
Pokit Innovations Pty Ltd Novel miniature smart integrated multi-meter, oscilloscope and logger $261,700
Relectrify Pty Ltd Commercialising Relectrify’s advanced battery control technology $377,206
Renerve Pty Ltd Commercialising the ReNerve NervAlign nerve cuff $592,980
Turbine Aeronautics Holdings Pty Ltd Turbine Aeronautics 200hp turboprop aircraft engine $1,000,000

Complete list of Funding Offers

This is a complete list of Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers.
Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

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