Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

The list of applicants that have been offered funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme includes:

  • when the offer was made
  • the name of the applicant
  • the project title, and
  • the amount of funding offered.

December 2017 Funding Offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
3RT Technologies Pty Ltd  3RT State-of-the-Art production unit to convert low value plantation wood into quality hardwood $1,000,000
Dog & Bone Holdings Pty Ltd Earmade Design and Commercialisation $307,020
EMClarity Pty Ltd  Tooling state-of-the-art ExoMux radio for Telco market $750,000
Experience the Pulse Pty Ltd Virtual Reality platform for collaborative education and training $559,862
Indicina Pty Ltd Cost effective, online data analytics platform to optimise water/nutrient consumption $590,034
Innovative Engineering Products Pty Ltd Frictional heat suppressing cutting pick for the coal industry $87,575
Omni Tanker Pty Ltd North American Commercialisation of Omni Tanker Equipment $400,000
Readyfab R&D Pty Ltd ATF Toowoomba Engineering Unit Trust
Commercialising New 'Ground Breaker' Canola Tyne Precision Planting Technology for Broadacre Farming $395,000
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Melbourne VIC Elements: Brain Injury Rehabilitation System for Clinic and Home Use $250,000
The Cloud Factory Pty Ltd
Trustee for The Walsh Family Trust
Trading as Envido
Data collection and management platform enabling researchers to collect and share data easily $133,640
Tokn Trading Pty Ltd  Tokn - enabling legacy systems to be used directly off mobile devices $225,851
Unisono Pty Ltd  Sofihub: Smart home technology enabling the elderly to live more independently $650,150

Complete list of Funding Offers

This is a complete list of Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers.

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