Business Management customer stories

Our customer stories provide examples of how the Business Management service has assisted companies across the country to identify and maximise growth opportunities.

Business Evaluation

Food & Agribusiness Sector

Allied Grain Systems - NSW

A manufacturer of grain storage and handling systems that has been assisted to build its management capacity, maximise its competitive advantage and set a strategic direction for growth.

Amazing Oils - QLD

A family business that has been helped to develop business experience and knowledge and capitalise on overseas export opportunities.

H2coco - NSW

How an SME identified a gap in the food market and was assisted to develop a thriving export business.

Natural Evolution

A small company that was helped to establish a world-first pharmaceutical grade banana processing plant, and apply their innovative technology to other products.

Advanced Manufacturing

Power Industries Australia

Working hard in the business is not always reflected in revenue and profitability figures. Power Industries undertook a strategic planning process and implemented a range of systems and processes needed to increase growth and profitability.

ICT, Enabling & Professional Services

ONGC Systems - QLD

This rapidly growing business was assisted to identify strategy, planning and operational management ideas to better understand the key focus areas for continued business success.

Comlinx - QLD

An established ICT business that has been helped to improve operational efficiency, profit and growth through investment in business planning and marketing.

H&M Tracey - WA

A regional construction company in WA that sought assistance to grow its management capabilities and implement systems and processes to better meet its needs as an expanding company.

Asterisk Information Security Pty Ltd - WA

To overcome the challenges of moving from a start up to a growing business, Asterisk Information and Security was assisted to develop a more structured approach to managing and maintaining its growth trajectory.

Trademark Vision - QLD

A Queensland based company that has been assisted by the Entrepreneurs' Programme to realise the value that an investment in strategy plays in achieving growth ambitions.

Mining Equipment & Technical Services

Mackay Conveyor Equipment Pty Ltd - QLD

A regional mining equipment company that was assisted to develop a strategic plan to take advantage of new opportunities.

Plantmech Pty Ltd - QLD

Following the mining boom downturn, Plantmech has been helped to develop a more sustainable business model. A business evaluation has led to the implementation of a new strategic plan.

Waterstop Solutions (Qld) Pty Ltd - QLD

Waterstop needed help to streamline its business processes and diversify its reliance on major project for income. The business has been helped to develop a marketing strategy to segment its client base and create tailored marketing activities.

Hartac Sales & Distribution Pty Ltd - WA

Hartac was concerned it didn’t have the best operational and planning software to allow its systems to run as smoothly as possible. It sought advice from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to determine what software would strengthen the company’s ability to collect, store, manage and interpret data.

Growth Services

Food & Agribusiness

GP & SJ Daly - TAS

A family potato farm in Tasmania that used Australian Government assistance and funding through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to transform and diversify their business, and create jobs in regional Australia.

Advanced Manufacturing

Kord Defence - ACT

A successful company that has sought help from the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to develop and help implement a customised Growth Plan to take it to the next level.

Modular Wall Systems - NSW

A successful company with a great product that was assisted to refine its value proposition and access new markets.

Multigate - NSW

A manufacturer and supplier of medical procedure packs that was helped to refine their organisational purpose, and focus their strategy on theatre professionals.

Tilt Industrial Design - NSW

An industrial design company that was assisted to undertake a full rebrand to focus on new market opportunities to realise greater revenue, greater profitability and increased employment.

Supply Chain Facilitation

Food & Agribusiness

Golden North Pty Ltd - SA

A SA manufacturer of ice cream products that changed its business model to incorporate working collaboratively with buyers to produce specialised and tailored products. The business has revitalised its strategy and processes to ensure ongoing competitiveness and sustainability.

Skara Smallgoods Pty Ltd - SA

A small business that has been helped to develop a new marketing strategy and product development plan. The business has also been helped to develop the skills needed to successfully operate in a supply chain.

Sunfresh Salads Pty Ltd - SA

A family owned business producing salads and side dishes that was assisted to improve links with a major supermarket chain in SA and develop new market opportunities.

Advanced Manufacturing

Jayben Australia Pty Ltd - TAS

A heavy equipment manufacturer that has been assisted to improve its supply chain relationships, maximise networking opportunities and better communicate its value proposition to potential customers.

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