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Entrepreneurs' Programme video transcript

[Graphic appears on screen: Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science]

[Image changes to show graphic of a green Australia]

Narrator: Small and medium businesses are the backbone of a strong Australian economy. But the challenge for many small and medium businesses is being globally competitive.

[Graphic changes to show a world globe rotating]

There’s the need to adapt to market uncertainty, whilst also managing risk into the future. That’s where the Entrepreneurs’ Programme comes in.

[Text appears on screen: Entrepreneurs’ Programme]

[Graphic changes to show Australian Government logo]

This programme is an Australian Government initiative to help drive growth and competition for eligible individuals and businesses.

[Graphics representing what the narrator says below flash by on screen]

It’s a programme that provides practical advice, matched grants, and access to national networks of business, research and market experts.

[Text appears on screen:

  • Accelerating Commercialisation
  • Innovation Connections
  • Business Management]

There are three elements to the programme and within each of these elements are services that are tailored to you and your circumstances.

[Graphic changes to show rows of stacked products with text above them: Amazing new product!]

Accelerating Commercialisation is about helping entrepreneurs, researchers and small and medium businesses bring novel products, processes and services to market.

[Graphic changes to show a laptop and other pieces of technology and equipment]

Innovation Connections is about helping you access the latest technology, knowledge and research to innovate and remain competitive.

[Graphic changes to show a gauge where the orange needle moves to a point marked Max Potential]

And the aim of the Business Management element is to help you realise your full potential – making the most of opportunities, and addressing challenges for business growth and supply chain facilitation.

[Graphic changes to show a green truck zooming by on screen and sounding its horn]

[Graphic changes to show a male and female representing the business owners and then moves to show a male and female representing the Advisers]

In a nutshell, the programme can connect eligible individuals and business owners with Advisers and Facilitators who are experts in their field - experts in business, research and commercialisation.

[Text appears on screen: Accelerating Commercialisation]

[Graphic changes to show a female “Sally” with a laptop opened on a desk with a health symbol on the screen]

Sally has a GST-registered business that develops software products. She has finished her research on a novel product for the healthcare market and is now looking to take the product to market and secure her first customer.

[Graphic changes to show Sally and an Adviser talking]

Through the programme, Sally is able to get useful advice from professional Commercialisation Advisers.

[Graphic changes to show Sally seated and working on her laptop “Grant Approved” appears on the screen]

She may also be able to apply for a matched grant to help support her commercialisation activities;
[Graphic changes to show images of people representing successful entrepreneurs]
and be linked to a network of successful entrepreneurs, domain experts, professional investors and strategic corporations who can help her make important business connections and create opportunities to raise capital and enter new markets.

[Text appears on screen: Innovation Connections]

[Graphic changes to show a male “Michael” on screen]

Michael’s business has been strong for some time, but with recent changes in the market, he needs help to innovate and remain competitive.

[Graphic changes to show Michael and an Adviser talking]

Through the programme, Michael met with an experienced Innovation Facilitator, who assessed his business’ technical, research and knowledge needs.

[Graphic changes to show Michael seated and working on his laptop]

He then applied for a grant to support a project to work in partnership with a research organisation.

[Graphic changes to show Michael and an industry expert meeting and shaking hands]

And he has made some solid connections with a technology expert, with whom he plans to collaborate, all of which helps improve his business’ competitiveness and productivity as it moves into the next phase.

[Text appears on screen: Business Management]

[Graphic changes to show a male “Sam” on screen]

Sam’s business had been manufacturing widgets for some time, but he realised it was time to take his business to the next level.

[Graphic changes to show Sam and an Adviser talking]

Through the programme, Sam had a Business Adviser come out to his business and look at the way he ran things.

[Graphic changes to show a list of items and ticks appear beside each of them]

Through the programme, Sam is now aware of the practical steps he can take to help improve his business and maximise his opportunities.

[Graphic changes back to Sam]

Matched grant funding has helped Sam implement the recommended improvements in his business and his business is now on track for growth.

[Graphic changes to show a female and two males pop up on screen]

The support and services offered under this programme are free of charge for eligible individuals and businesses.

[Graphic changes to show an arm wearing a watch]

To start with, your only investment is your time.

To find out more, go to business.gov.au or call 13 28 46.

[Graphic appears on screen: Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Business, 13 28 46]

[Graphic appears on screen: Australian Government National Innovation & Science Agenda; Welcome to the Ideas Boom; Innovation and Science are critical for Australia to deliver new sources of growth, local jobs and global success. Visit innovation.gov.au to find out more.]

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