Innovation Connections customer stories

Terem Technologies (Stratejos)

Innovative software company and Australia’s leading researchers team up to build exciting artificial intelligence product, which is set to cash in on growing field.

Bottles of Australia

Anton Pemmer and his team at Bottles of Australia observed a change in the market with competitors overseas making changes to their sports bottles. The Entrepreneurs’ Programme helped them find out why.

Melba's Chocolates

How a first generation business found a sweet solution for their business systems when developing their family succession planning.

Tank Stream Design

Tank Stream Design wanted to take their summer clothing and accessories company to the next level and knew they needed to upgrade their business systems to get there – but how, exactly?


Leon Whitehead had an idea of who he wanted to work with, but needed help to create a formal connection and grow his great idea into a marketable solution.


Viewscape were looking for efficiencies and confirmation that their ideas for better waste reduction were on target. The Entrepreneurs’ Programme delivered the goods with expert, tailored and objective advice.


SuperCool Asia Pacific wanted to help reduce food wastage in the cold chain of food transport and storage. The firm’s heads knew how, they just needed specialised help and found it through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Karen Sheldon Catering

Karen Sheldon Catering needed the support of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme for a food science project which will see native bush foods used to extend the shelf life and nutritional value of frozen food products.

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