Major Projects Facilitation Programme (MPFP)

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Provides businesses a single point of entry into Australian Government regulation so projects comply with approval across all levels of government.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, you must be a business looking to invest in major projects in Australia.

Other eligibility requirements may apply.

Deadline to apply:

Applications may be made at any time.

Contact information:

13 28 46

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When a project successfully applies to receive services from the Major Project Facilitation Programme (MPFP), it will have an ongoing Australian Government contact to help discover and navigate required approvals processes. This could include liaison with other levels of government or providing referrals to regulators. This is usually offered for three years.

Businesses looking to invest in major projects in Australia should talk to the Major Project Facilitation Agency and find out what services they may be eligible for.

An online tool, Major Projects Help, can assist project proponents in working out which Australian Government regulatory approvals and process they may need to consider for their project.

Projects with a capital expenditure value between $20 million and $50 million are eligible for general information and facilitation services. Those valued at $50 million or more may be eligible to apply for more dedicated MPFP services for three years.

Major Projects Help tool

The Major Projects Help tool enables major project proponents to get an understanding of what legislation may be triggered by their new project in a simple and easy to navigate manner. It provides a list of relevant legislation that is tailored to individual projects based on the selections made within the tool, with links to regulation factsheets that explain the applicable legislation further.

For more information and to access the Major Projects Help tool, go to:

Major Projects Help tool

Eligibility criteria

You can apply for major project facilitation services if your project:

1. Has strategic significance to Australia

This is when your project invests more than $50 million and significantly contributes to:

  • economic growth
  • exports
  • employment
  • infrastructure development, or
  • offers significant net economic benefits to regional Australia.

You will need to:

  • estimate the project investment size
  • list (not including land value and capitalised lease payments):
    • major capital expenses
    • cost estimates from any relevant pre-feasibility or feasibility studies
    • employment numbers for project phases.

2. Needs Australian Government involvement

Your project must require approvals under Australian law and/or have significant Australian Government involvement such as through other programs or assistance.

3. Has enough funds to complete Australian Government approvals processes, and reasonable commercial viability

You need to demonstrate that your project has enough funds to get through the approvals processes. You also need to show its commercial viability. You can do so in many ways, including:

  • Proving that you are engaging with state or territory governments.
  • Getting support from local governments and communities.
  • Getting support from the Board of a parent company, or a letter of support from a parent company, financial organisation or other investor.
  • Giving us any:
    • letters of intent
    • heads of agreement
    • other commercial documents
    • offtake and supply agreements
    • audited company accounts
    • feasibility studies
    • assessments of your business case and financial viability.

How to apply

For access to the Agency’s facilitation and information services, please contact the Agency via email or call (02) 6243 7121.

To apply for the MPFP, proponents are encouraged to liaise with the Agency so that the Case Manager can assist you in managing your application and provide a more detailed guide outlining the application process.

Submitting an application involves two processes:

  1. Writing a letter (between two and four pages) to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science requesting Programme services for a project. The letter is to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director or equivalent.
  2. An electronic copy of the letter plus the required supporting documentation is to be sent to the Programme Case Manager. This will be used as a basis for assessing the application, and enable the assessment to begin immediately.

Programme projects

View successful programme projects under the MPFP.

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