Skills and Training Initiative


The Skills and Training Initiative is part of the $155 million Growth Fund to support businesses and regions affected by the closure of Australia’s car manufacturing industry in October 2017.

Holden and Toyota have each contributed $15 million to the Skills and Training Initiative to support their affected workers.

The Skills and Training Initiative helps workers build on existing skills and gain new skills, to transfer to:

  • new jobs
  • self-employment opportunities and
  • retirement.

Programmes for eligible supply chain workers are provided by the:

  • South Australian Government's Automotive Transformation Taskforce and
  • Victorian Government's Skills and Jobs Centres.

Skills and Training Initiative

Through the initiative workers have access to tailored support, including:

  • financial education
  • health and wellbeing services
  • information on jobs in demand
  • career, transition and training advice
  • skills assessments and skills recognition
  • training and general skilling (such as verbal or interpersonal skills) and
  • business start-up advice.

Services will continue to be available to workers after they leave their jobs.

Workers can contact their HR area for more information.

Supply Chain Businesses

More information about the support for workers in the supply chain is available:

How to apply

Skills and Training Initiative

There is no application process. Holden and Toyota deliver the majority of these services through established Transition Centres.

Through the Growth Fund, Toyota is also making a financial contribution towards supporting workers in its tier 1 supply chain.

The Holden Transition Centre is open to its workers, contractors and supplier workers and will stay open until the end of 2018.

Toyota’s DRIVE Centre will stay open until mid-2018.

Supply chain workers – in South Australia

Call 1800 774 010, email or visit the Automotive Transformation Taskforce.

Supply chain workers – in Victoria

Visit the Victorian Government’s Skills and Jobs Centres.

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