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sypaq systems

SYPAQ Systems is excited to be embarking on two technology innovation projects awarded under the Defence Innovation Hub. The first project will see SYPAQ working with Army to develop a man-portable power generation system to address the ever-growing need for lightweight power generation in the field. The second project will investigate new and innovative methods for Air Force to process, exploit and disseminate complex ISR data.

Ross Osborne, General Manager for SYPAQ’s Sensors and Surveillance group, is proud to be working closely with Defence to develop next generation technology for our troops.

“It’s exciting to see Defence making such a strong commitment to Australian companies.

“These innovation projects will allow SYPAQ to develop leading edge military technology for the ADF right here in Australia, with the potential to generate strong export opportunities, allowing us to expand and offer new employment opportunities for aspiring young engineers.”

“SYPAQ is committed to fostering an innovative local supply chain, using our established network of SMEs from 25 years in the Defence industry. For the Next Generation Generator Project, we are partnering with Currawong Engineering, a Tasmanian SME with advanced manufacturing, testing and R&D capabilities," Ross Osborne said.

“The ISR data project recognises SYPAQ’s long term investment in building a sovereign C4ISREW capability. Our world class team can deliver innovative software intensive systems, providing the ADF with a local and responsive capability for this critical enabling function.”

SYPAQ Systems employs 190 people, and is headquartered in Melbourne with offices across Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.