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Australia has a Defence export control system. If your business is looking to export its defence-related products, software or technologies, you may need a permit from the Defence Export Controls (DEC) branch.

Find out if you need a DEC permit

A permit from DEC is only required when an export, supply, brokering or publishing activity is controlled and the goods, software or technology are listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List.

You can use the self-assessment tool to determine if you need a DEC permit.

If you need a permit, or you remain unsure even after using the self-assessment tool, download the application forms and submit them to DEC for assessment.

If you plan to attend an international tradeshow or mission with Team Defence Australia, the DEC branch must be aware of your intention to export. You will need to obtain a formal assessment or permit from DEC, and include a copy in your submission to Team Defence Australia.