Advisory and facilitation services

CDIC advisory and facilitation services are available to Australian small and medium sized businesses that have, or are developing, products or services that can be applied to defence.

Apply for an advisory or facilitation service

If your business is entering or working in the defence industry, our expert advisers and facilitators can help you:

  • navigate the defence marketplace
  • improve business capabilities
  • succeed as a supplier in defence supply chains
  • innovate with defence or get help with a Defence Innovation Hub proposal
  • identify export opportunities.

What to expect

After you apply, we will assess your application and allocate a facilitator or business adviser appropriate to your needs.

If you’re allocated a facilitator:

  • your facilitator will contact you to arrange a meeting
  • you will receive up to two days of support over four weeks
  • your facilitator will help you understand how to navigate the defence market, the entry points, procurement processes and how to connect with relevant Defence capability areas.

If you’re allocated a business adviser:

  • your adviser will contact you to arrange a meeting, and undertake an initial analysis of your business within the first month
  • in the following four months your adviser will provide an advisory services report, including a holistic assessment of your business and recommendations to better position you in the defence industry or your supply chain
  • in the following seven months your adviser will help you to implement these recommendations
  • you will receive up to ten days of support as part of the advisory service.

After the delivery of a service you may be eligible to apply for a Capability Improvement Grant. You can also apply for further advisory services if needed.

Hundreds of businesses have worked with us.

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