Pride in Serving Business

For the CDIC’s Innovation Facilitator Peter Moorhouse there’s a lot of pride in helping Australian businesses to work with Defence.

“There’s an element of national pride in the CDIC. It’s about providing new capabilities for the defence of Australia, while also sustaining Australian businesses. It’s a real passion for me, to take an idea and provide an edge to Defence,” Peter said.

CDIC business advisers have a range of backgrounds and experience. Peter is a civil engineer who has spent most of his career in the private sector in regional New South Wales, but is now based in Canberra. “Although I specialise in innovation, I’m backed up by the CDIC network of advisers around the country.

Portrait of Peter Moorhouse

“The Government is putting $195 billion into Defence, including $1.6 billion into innovation funding over ten years. Our role as advisers is to identify companies that may be successful in having their ideas adopted by Defence.

“There are some extraordinary ideas! Business, industry, Cooperative Research Centres, universities, and ideas straight out of people’s heads - anything at all could be the next innovation for Defence. Most ideas are good, but it needs to fit with Defence capability and where Defence is going,” Peter explained.

“It’s a good idea for people with an idea to talk to an adviser before applying for innovation funding. The applications starts with a simple proposal, but if you talk to someone in the CDIC, we can confirm that your idea is of interest to Defence before proceeding too far down the track.

“If the idea suits, we will try and find someone in Defence that people can talk to about their idea.

We can also identify ideas where two or three companies might be able to work together to meet Defence needs and tackle some of those issues together.

“There are lots of opportunities for Australian companies to be involved in Defence industry. Where we are strong, we can develop that patch into a bigger patch, and develop it into industrial complexity where Australia becomes globally competitive.

“There’s a lot of pride in identifying areas we have an advantage - logistical, resource or intellectual – and be able to capitalise on that innovation to work in our favour for the defence of Australia, and also provide an economic benefit to our country.”

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