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Welcome to the entry point to Defence innovation

The Department of Defence welcomes your innovative ideas, no matter how big or small. You don’t have to represent a multinational firm. If you have your own business, belong to a think-tank, or anything in-between, Defence wants to hear from you.

How it works

Diagram shows how to access the Defence innovation system. Tile 1 depicts the types of participants that could access the Defence Innovation System, including small to medium enterprises, primes, research institutions, academia and think tanks. Participants can access the CDIC for various services depicted in Tile 2, including advisory and facilitation services where business advisers will work with you to help you put your best foot forward when you want to submit an innovation proposal to the Department of Defence through the Defence Innovation System. The Defence Innovation System is made up of the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund as depicted in Tile 3.

Streamlined innovation funding

Defence Innovation Hub

The Defence Innovation Hub will invest around $640 million over the decade in maturing and further developing technologies which have moved from the early science stages into the engineering and development stages of the innovation process. It is an exciting initiative which will pull together research institutions, academia, industry and innovative technologies. The Defence Innovation Hub will build collaborative programs with Defence stakeholders and will champion innovation across Defence, helping to bring about cultural change.

Want to know more about the Defence Innovation Hub? Read the FAQs.

Next Generation Technologies Fund

The Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF), managed by Defence Science and Technology Group, is a new government initiative introduced with the Defence Industry Policy Statement in 2016. Together with the Defence Innovation Hub and the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, these three form the integrated Defence innovation system.

With an investment of $730 million over the decade to June 2026, the Next Generation Technologies Fund is a forward looking program focusing on research in emerging and future technologies for the “future Defence force after next”. Innovative technologies and concepts researched under the NGTF could be further developed and realised into capability through the Defence Innovation Hub.

Please see our Next Generation Technologies Fund Brochure.

Please see our current funding list of investment.

DST Group will progressively establish a series of collaboration vehicles funded by the NGTF. Detailed information will be made available as they are progressively launched.

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Projects awarded under university partnerships

The AUSMURI program is now open.

Counter Improvised Threats Grand Challenge - now closed

Fight recorder concept - now closed.

Want to know more about the Next Generation Technologies Fund? Read the FAQs.

Additional Next Generation Technologies Fund partnership models are in development and will be announced over the coming months.

Important Documents to help you innovate with the Defence Innovation Hub

  Proposal submission guidance

Read this helpful guide before you submit your proposal.

Read and download the proposal submission guidance.

Call for submission form frequently asked questions.

  Proposal assessment criteria

Detail on how your innovation proposal will be assessed.

Read and download the proposal assessment criteria.

  Innovation contract template

The new contract template has been designed to increase incentives to innovation and attract interest from industry through its user-friendly and plain English design; and flexible collaborative structure.

Our new contracting arrangements assist in streamlining contracting procedures to make it simpler and less costly for Australian Industry to do business with Defence. You can expect greater collaboration with Defence and considerably reduced time to contract execution.

The structure of our Innovation contract is as shown:

Contract Framework

  • The Contract Framework sits at the front of the Innovation Contract and is signed by the parties.
  • The Contract Framework does not change between phases - there is only ever one Contract Framework for an Innovation Contract.

Contract Phase Statement

  • The Contract Phase Statement (CPS) includes all the critical information for the project.
  • The innovation Contract will initially have one CPS attached to it for the first phase. When a project moves to a new phase, a new CPS will be agreed and added to the Innovation Contract.

Standard Terms

  • The Standard Terms are the same for each innovation Contract and there are no fields for the parties to include details.
  • There are optional terms in the Standard Terms which the parties can decide to include, depending on the project. The optional terms are selected in the CPS.

Download our contract template

  Intellectual Property Strategy

Our new Intellectual Property Strategy explains Defence’s approach to IP. It seeks to achieve an appropriate balance between the commercial interests of industry and those of Defence. A fundamental principle of the IP strategy is that Defence will not seek to own IP created in connection with the Defence Innovation Hub unless there are compelling reasons to do so, such as national security.

The new IP Strategy will facilitate a relationship of collaboration over the life of each innovation contract.

Download our Intellectual Property Strategy


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