International and export support

If you are thinking about exporting, looking to expand the number of markets you are currently exporting to, or are seeking access to international supply chains, the CDIC can help.

Export and international supply chain support

The CDIC provides a range of export advice and services for defence companies looking to export and to increase their global competitiveness. Advice will vary depending on individual business requirements, but may include:

  • export readiness assessments and supply chain improvement advice
  • tradeshows and missions to key markets overseas under the Team Defence Australia Banner
  • facilitated access to the defence multinational primes and Defence’s Global Supply Chain program
  • the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program
  • market research and advice and testing the market before committing to export activities
  • providing contacts and facilitating access into foreign militaries through tradeshows and defence networks
  • navigating the export controls in place for military and dual use items.

Why export?

The benefits of exporting are well documented and if you have received interest from an international customer, the likelihood is that you have a tradable, differentiated product with export potential. Of course to have a successful international business you also need commitment, resources, skills, strong management support and patience.

And this is where the CDIC in collaboration with Austrade, Defence, Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) and the State and the Territory Governments can help guide you every step of the way. This includes navigating the export controls in place for military and dual use items and testing the market before committing to export activities.

International tradeshows and missions

Attending an overseas tradeshow or participating in a trade mission is often a low cost option for companies looking to export their products and services, to benchmark themselves internationally, or to research their competitors.

The CDIC has a yearly schedule of trade events in key markets including Europe, the United States, South East Asia and the Middle East. The events are led by a Two or Three Star Military Officer, are supported by Defence, Austrade and many of the defence prime companies, and are coordinated with the State and Territory Governments.

image showing how the CDIC brings together industry, international forums, state and territory governments, academia and research insititutions and defence and major programs

Team Defence Australia at DSEI 2017

Austrade and some state governments provide grants to assist with export promotion and the CDIC provides eligible companies with the opportunity to exhibit on the Team Defence Australia stand free of charge.  

View upcoming trade events.

Quad charts

Companies participating in export activities will need to develop a quad chart to highlight their offering to potential customers. Quad charts are required for all CDIC trade events overseas and are recognised as a key marketing tool by the defence primes and by other military and commercial customers around the world. The CDIC can provide you with assistance and training to understand and articulate your company’s value proposition.

Accessing global supply chains (GSC)

For many companies who do not have a mature product or service and instead has a capability such as machining or engineering, or a technology that may of interest to the defence primes, the CDIC can help facilitate access to the primes global supply chains.

The CDIC is managing the Global Supply Chain program on behalf of Defence and the contracted primes are Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rheinmetall, BAE and Thales. For further information on the GSC program or to access supply chain opportunities more generally, the CDIC provides a range of advisory and facilitation services and holds forums and 'pitchfests' for new companies interested in working with the defence primes. Please note that the GSC program is based on the commercial needs of the primes and in this respect, not all companies will have a capability, product or service that is of interest to them.

For further information on the types of opportunities available, the types of training and mentoring provided by the primes and for a discussion on your business needs, speak to a CDIC adviser.

Training and workshops

The CDIC will be providing a series of workshops throughout the year for companies interested in exporting and/or participating in CDIC trade events. The themes and topics for the workshops include:

  • export readiness
  • doing business overseas – being culturally aware
  • presentation skills – pitching to an international audience.

The workshops will be advertised in our events and by email (if you have registered for updates).

Defence export controls

Companies looking to export their defence products, software or technologies also need to be aware that Australia has a Defence export control system in place and a permit may be required from Defence Export Controls (DEC) branch.

To help you determine if you require a permit from DEC to export, supply, publish or broker controlled goods, software or technology, DEC has developed a Self-Assessment Tool. A permit from DEC is only required when an export, supply, brokering or publishing activity is controlled and the goods, software or technology are listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL).

If you are still not sure whether you require a permit after using the Tool, you will need to submit an application to DEC for assessment. Download the application forms from the Department of Defence website.‚Äč

Strategic initiatives

The CDIC is participating in a range of sector-wide initiatives to increase the international competitiveness of Australia’s defence industry. These include:

  • development of the defence export strategy in conjunction with Defence
  • facilitating collaborative agreements with Austrade, and working closely with other federal agencies and state and territory governments for a coordinated approach to defence industry exports.
  • participating in the planned Defence State & Territory Industry Advisory and Engagement Forum
  • integration of the ‘Team Defence Australia’ and the ‘Global Supply Chain’ programs into a larger suite of initiatives designed to increase the number of Australian businesses exporting and integrating into global supply chains.

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