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The Government is investing $200 billion over the decade and beyond to modernise Australia’s defence capability.  This means opportunities for Australian businesses, large and small, to not only reap the rewards coming from significant industrial growth but to do so while directly contributing to Australia’s national security.

Designing and delivering products and services within the defence industry involves some unique challenges and requirements. It’s a long-term, complex endeavour, but the CDIC is here to help. It’s our job to help Australian businesses meet these challenges so they can deliver the Australian Defence Force of the future.

Some of the most high profile and important new capabilities that the ADF is acquiring and sustaining include:

  • a continuous naval shipbuilding program commencing with 9 future frigates, 12 future submarines and 12 offshore patrol vessels, all built in Australia
  • a more potent air combat and air strike capability to support the future air combat fleet, including the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter
  • enhanced capabilities in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, space, electronic warfare and cyber
  • advanced training, modern equipment, as well as health care and logistics systems to support Australian Defence Force personnel
  • the next generation of armoured fighting vehicles and protected mobility vehicles.

These projects, and others, are significant not just for the level of investment associated with them but for the industrial and technological leap forward that they require. Industry must develop its own capabilities through upskilling, innovation and diversification to seize the opportunities in this $200 billion investment.

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