Preparing to work in the defence industry

The defence market must be considered with the long term in mind - it’s a market that might not be suitable for every business.

The defence industry can also be complex, difficult and costly to enter, but it does depend on what service or product you are offering.

Though there is no standard definition of ‘being ready’, companies may need:

  • a history of supply performance (on schedule, on budget and to specifications)
  • a broad customer base which demonstrates supply capacity
  • a broad supplier base to ensure supply continuity
  • an appropriate quality assurance program (e.g. ISO9001 certification)
  • ownership of intellectual property or authorised re-seller rights with authority to offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty
  • compliance with necessary security requirements, including cyber security
  • compliance with relevant legislation and codes of conduct
  • Australian and international certifications and accreditations.

At a minimum, you must have an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you do not have one, register for an Australian Business Number.

Taking the next steps

For businesses that are interested in working with Defence or in the supply chains, we encourage you to:

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