Policies and strategies

2016 Defence White Paper

2016 Integrated Investment Program

2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement

Defence Export Strategy

2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan

Corporate publications

Defence Industry and Innovation programs annual report

Program Guidelines

Fact sheets and brochures

Entering the defence industry

Building your business in the defence industry

Exporting in the defence industry

Innovating in the defence industry

Centre for Defence Industry Capability

Defence Innovation Hub factsheet

New Defence Innovation Systems factsheet

Next Generation Technologies Fund factsheet

Priority Innovation Needs factsheet

Submitting Your Innovation Proposal factsheet

Next Generation Technologies Fund – Next generation technologies for Australia’s defence and national security

Next Generation Technologies Fund – AUSMURI: Australia–US Multidisciplinary University Research Program

Next Generation Technologies Fund – Defence Cooperative Research Centre Program

Next Generation Technologies Fund – Grand Challenges

Media releases

Media releases from Defence

Speeches and presentations

PODCAST: Breaking into the export market as an SME – Amanda Holt, SYPAQ Systems and CDIC Advisory Board Member

PODCAST: Australian defence as a global player – Karen Stanton, HTA Group and CDIC Advisory Board Member

PODCAST: Developing the roadmap for defence industry’s growth - Dr Sheridan Kearnan, Department of Defence

PODCAST: Making industry a fundamental input to capability - Andrew Garth, General Manager CDIC, Nov 2017

Introduction to the defence market seminars 2018

Defence Innovation Hub industry update event - 2018

CDIC grant agreements

Sample CDIC Grant Agreement - for projects 6 to 12 months

Sample CDIC Approval Letter Grant Agreement - for projects up to 6 months

Innovation proposals and agreements

Innovation Hub Intellectual Property Strategy

Innovation Contract Template

Proposal Submission Guidance

Defence industry cyber security

Useful cyber security resources

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