Services available to Defence

The CDIC can help staff members within the Department of Defence (CASG, VCDF, CIOG, Capability Managers etc.) engage with industry, manage projects with an industry element, or simply provide information on Australian defence industry.

Understanding the capacity and capability of Australian industry

The CDIC works with defence companies of all sizes on a daily basis, including the defence primes through the Global Supply Chain program. This means staff have a strong understanding of Australia’s defence capabilities.

The CDIC is also forming partnerships with major Defence projects, such as continuous naval shipbuilding, to support Defence’s engagement with Australian industry.

The CDIC can assist Defence to:

  • understand the capabilities of Australian companies and the health of their supply chains
  • understand the potential impacts of major acquisitions and other considerations around industry as a Fundamental Input to Capability (FIC)
  • ensure they are well positioned to consider industry as a FIC during the early stages of the capability lifecycle
  • ensure fulfilment of AIC obligations by working with potential bidders to understand the Australian defence industrial base and to engage with industry
  • identify skilling and commercial needs within industry at a project or portfolio level
  • identify capability gaps and opportunities for the primes and Defence to work with Australian industry.
The CDIC will provide new ways for Defence and industry to work together, and ensure a closer alignment between industry’s investment in future skills and Defence’s capability needs.

Industry engagement

The CDIC can assist Defence industry engagement by:

  • presenting at or coordinating activities involving defence industry (such as Environmental Information Working Groups) and other industry engagement forums associated with acquisition and sustainment activities
  • organising industry engagement sessions to promote and maximise opportunities for Australian industry in the supply chains of the defence primes
  • being a single point of contact for industry to understand project requirements and business opportunities
  • assisting potential bidders understand the AIC Program and to engage in a way that allows the Project Offices to remain at arm's length
  • providing staff with advice on defence industry engagement (to advance international engagement objectives) and assistance with arranging industry visits and bilateral engagements
  • providing staff with information on export opportunities and arranging forums and information sessions on Defence Export Controls.

Making it easier for Defence to work with businesses

The CDIC works with companies on a daily basis, and through business advice and grants we can help improve their Defence Technical Capability, Defence Business Maturity and international competitiveness and export potential. The CDIC also assists companies to develop high quality innovation proposals so that submissions articulate a proposition that reflects Defence’s innovation priorities.

Broadcasting requirements

The CDIC hosts the Defence Innovation Portal, the primary channel for broadcasting Defence’s innovation priorities and soliciting ideas from industry.

Strategic initiatives

Over time, the CDIC will become the gateway for the whole of industry to meet Defence’s capability needs, consolidating the multiple avenues into Defence procurements.

The CDIC is currently establishing partnerships with major Defence acquisition projects to become a single point of contact for industry to understand project requirements and business opportunities.

This list of services available to Defence is expected to expand after the Sovereign Industry Capabilities are defined, the Defence Export Strategy is developed and the Defence Industrial Capability Plan is drafted.

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