Stakeholder collaboration

The CDIC will collaborate with industry and innovators to drive strategic partnerships with Defence and develop Australia’s industrial base as a fundamental input to defence capability.

Our objectives

  • To partner with state and territory governments and collaborate with industry organisations to match industrial capabilities with the needs of Defence.
  • To develop and centrally manage comprehensive knowledge of Australia’s industrial capabilities.

The need for better collaboration

The Defence Industry Policy Statement set out the roadmap for achieving the fundamentally different kind of relationship between Defence, Australian industry and the states and territories. Partnering and collaboration is a key aspect to how the CDIC will achieve:

  • development of Australian industry to competitively meet Defence capability needs
  • maximised opportunities for Australian industry involvement in Defence projects
  • strategic planning and development of Australia’s industrial defence base
  • normalising Australian industry as a fundamental input to defence capability.

The CDIC Advisory Board represents our commitment to working closely with industry to provide strategic leadership to the sector.

Collaboration between Defence and industry is critical to meet the challenges of the future and deliver the Government’s ambitious program of works. The Defence and industry partnership of the future will be instrumental in delivering and supporting the future ADF.

The CDIC will use its partnership with AusIndustry to provide a whole of industry perspective, which coupled with our close relationship with Defence means we are well placed to partner with:

  • Defence major projects and primes
  • state and territory governments
  • industry groups and associations
  • academia and research institutions
  • international forums and global supply chains.

image showing how the CDIC brings together industry, international forums, state and territory governments, academia and research insititutions and defence and major programs

Supporting major Defence projects and primes

The CDIC is forming partnerships with major Defence projects, such as continuous naval shipbuilding, to standardise the way in which Defence engages with Australian industry by:

  • working with Defence and lead contractors to identify project requirements for industry capabilities, including accreditation and skilling requirements. This will include identifying similar or allied capability needs across multiple projects
  • advising major projects on the level of industry capability, identifying capability gaps and opportunities to work with Australian industry
  • being a single point of contact for industry to understand project requirements and business opportunities
  • organising industry engagement sessions to promote and maximise opportunities for Australian industry in the acquisition and sustainment of platforms and equipment.

We will also work with the Defence Innovation Hub and the Next Generation Technologies Fund to understand what new innovative capabilities may be able to be integrated into the continuous shipbuilding projects as the design and build mature over the years to come.

Collaborating with state and territory governments

The CDIC will coordinate tailored regional engagement to bring together stakeholders in a united effort to deliver defence capability, grow the Australian industrial base and present a national position to overseas markets. The CDIC and Defence have commenced working with states and territories to:

  • involve state and territories in industrial development activities and support for new and established defence companies
  • involve state and territory activities in trade shows, related industry events and communication strategies
  • better connect businesses with opportunities in other sectors, markets and international opportunities
  • exchange information with state and territory defence industry development agencies on current and emerging industrial capabilities to aid in the development and delivery of support programs and initiatives.

Industry groups and associations

Many organisations already host capability-related information and provide assistance with collaboration and teaming. By partnering with them we aim to find ways of aggregating the information into one location, making it easier for Defence and defence supply chain partners to find the Australian industrial capability on offer. By sharing our knowledge of the supply chain needs, priorities, and gaps we can:

  • utilise industry feedback on the support and facilitation services planned to address capability gaps identified in the Industrial Capability Plan
  • ensure that information on opportunities, upcoming projects and relevant policy is disseminated widely throughout industry
  • participate in events and programs led by industry bodies which complement CDIC strategic objectives and programs
  • foster innovative technology development by drawing on industry body knowledge of emerging technologies and unique capabilities.

Australian Government Departments and agencies

The CDIC will take a whole-of-government approach to developing the defence industry and integrating other services available to business, including working with:

International engagement

The CDIC can help facilitate access to foreign militaries and global supply chains through the Global Supply Chain Program and international tradeshows.

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