Notify changes to your business

Your business will inevitably change and grow over time as you respond to different market opportunities, economic factors and personal issues. For example, changes in your business circumstances may result in a need to change your business structure, legal or trading name, or address and contact details.

These changes may affect your tax and other regulatory obligations.

Change your business structure

Changed business circumstances may require you to change your business structure. For example, you might start as a sole trader, then take on one or more partners and form a partnership, and then later still register as a proprietary limited company.

When you change your business structure you are required to apply for a new ABN.

Change your personal details

If your personal details change, you may need to:

Such changes could be to your postal, email or business address, main business activity, financial institution account information, or authorised contact person details.

Change your ABN details

You can change your ABN details with the ATO through:

Use ABN Lookup to check whether your ABN details are up-to-date.

If you decide to cease business it is important to cancel your business name and ABN.

Change your company details

Visit the ASIC website for information about making changes to your company details.

You can check and change company details online with ASIC's easylodge online service.

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