This webinar provides businesses with information about online and digital tools to help reach out to as many customers as possible.


Supported by: Business Foundations
Event Type: Webinar
Event Cost: $25.00

This webinar covers the basics of digital literacy and how business owners can use technology to solve challenges and grow their business.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • digital literacy 101 - How to Create, Connect and Contribute online
  • ensure your business can be found online in three simple steps
  • make your service more convenient for your customers - online booking systems and cyber meetings
  • doing business in the cloud - what are the benefits / challenges?
  • automate your bookkeeping using WAVE / SQUARE-UP
  • improve your marketing and promotion using online tools like CANVA, EVENTBRITE and MAILCHIMP
  • an overview of G-Suite - professional apps from Google to make running your business easier

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