This workshop provides Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander business owners with the skills and information to help them get their business message out on a digital platform.


Supported by: Indigenous Business Australia IBA
Event Type: Workshop
Event Cost: Free

Getting your message out to customers in a cluttered market place can be challenging and sometimes not worth the effort or money. Finding new ways of telling your story and getting a return takes constant vigilance.

IBA runs workshops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners to develop or improve their marketing by effectively leveraging digital technologies.

During the workshop you will:

  • explore and learn how to apply the fundamentals of marketing to improve your business and learn about the various approaches to marketing planning
  • develop a better understanding of how to apply key marketing concepts and elements as you draft your marketing plan template
  • gain an insight into digital marketing, including digital strategy, new channels, metrics, and how it fits within your overall marketing strategy
  • get an overview of the disruption that digital technologies have caused and how businesses can turn disruption into opportunities
  • find out how you can stay competitive and applies strategies to realise opportunities from business disruption
  • work on your business by applying relevant digital strategies to your marketing plan
  • differentiate between the use and application of digital marketing for B2B, B2C and C2C businesses

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