This workshop provides Indigenous entrepreneurs and organisations with the skills to create joint ventures.


Supported by: Indigenous Business Australia IBA
Event Type: Workshop
Event Cost: Free

Joint Ventures (JV) are particularly useful when the two parties have similar goals and value systems but different resources and different skill strengths. For example, a small-medium Indigenous enterprise with a focus on Indigenous employment might link up with a larger enterprise wishing to engage with the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). Combined, there can be a clear sense of purpose and a stronger set of resources.

IPP and JV opportunities

The Commonwealth Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) presents new opportunities for Indigenous entrepreneurs and organisations. Some of the biggest winners from the IPP are joint ventures.

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • overview and opportunities of JVs
  • black cladding issues and JVs
  • building solid foundations
  • intellectual property and branding
  • Indigenous cultural and intellectual property
  • sub-contracting issues
  • sharing stories, case studies and scenarios
  • take-away points, including a checklist for Indigenous businesses

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