VANguard is a whole-of-government service that assists agencies to quickly and easily deploy cost effective, secure authentication solutions. VANguard offers authentication services for business to government (B2G) and government to government (G2G) transactions.

Agencies can leverage our secure and highly available services to reduce infrastructure, development and maintenance costs of traditional in-house authentication solutions.

VANguard services include:

Benefits of VANguard for government

  • Quick and easy to deploy – implement secure, standards-based and reliable authentication solutions that can be easily re-used across your agency with minimal effort
  • Cost effective – using our services means you don’t have to invest in, or maintain, costly infrastructure and networks
  • Robust and reliable– we operate on highly available infrastructure, with 24/7 support for the Production environment. System changes are generally implemented with no outages
  • Secure – our services comply with the Protective Security Policy Framework, National E-Authentication Framework and Infosec Registered Assessor Program. We also complete regular penetration testing and threat-risk assessments
  • Credential agnostic – your users can re-use their existing digital credentials with our services
  • Specialised team and ongoing support – our dedicated and experienced team will work closely with your organisation to integrate an authentication solution that is fit-for-purpose.

Benefits of VANguard for business

  • Reuse existing credentials across multiple government portals
  • Convenience of interacting digitally with government, providing choice and saving time and effort.

Business capability

VANguard has the ability to deliver secure and highly available services to over 80 unique entities and processes up to 15 million transactions each month. Our team of security experts, solution architects, developers and customer service managers will work with you to ensure a solutions purpose-fit solution. Integration is a seamless, ongoing service and support is provided within agreed service levels.

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