The SmartForms Service is delivered and managed by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to support digital service delivery for business to government transactions.  The Service is a whole of government ICT implementation that provides government agencies with access to software applications to develop, deploy and manage online forms and digital workflow.

What is SmartForms?

SmartForms is an online form development and hosting service that government agencies can use to make developing, completing and processing forms easier, faster and more convenient. SmartForms are interactive, dynamic electronic forms using HTML5.  SmartForms are:

  • compatible with a large range of web browsers
  • desktop, tablet and mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • ideal for web service integration to ‘pre-fill’ and pre-populate form fields
  • developed using a reusable base template that facilitates accessible design and reusable form components
  • enabled for payment gateway integration.

What problem does SmartForms solve?

Many government processes begin with the submission of a form.

However, paper forms can create a lot of red tape for business and a lot of administration for government agencies. In fact, many forms received by government are illegible or inaccurate.

SmartForms helps to significantly reduce the costs and administrative overhead associated with paper forms, including:

  • illegible writing
  • inaccurate data
  • double handling of information
  • manual data entry processes and
  • slow service delivery.

How do government agencies use SmartForms?

SmartForms provide an easy and practical way for government agencies to help reduce the regulatory burden on business and support the digital transformation agenda. More than 80 federal, state, territory and local government agencies are already realising the benefits of using SmartForms for:

  • grant applications
  • licence applications
  • permit applications
  • compliance reporting
  • surveys
  • contact and enquiry forms and
  • secure payments.

Agencies can significantly reduce process costs when these forms are integrated with agency back of house processes.

What are the benefits?

SmartForms offers significant benefits to both government agencies and businesses, including:

  • faster turnaround times for completing and processing forms
  • enabling the automation and simplification of business processes
  • collecting more accurate data at the first point of contact
  • reducing the amount of paperwork businesses have to complete and government has to administer
  • all form users can be anonymous (no account creation or maintenance is required)
  • analytics and reporting functions to help you measure outcomes.

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