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Australian AgTech Company AgriWebb Expands Product, Market and Team

In the two years since AgriWebb Pty Ltd (AgriWebb) received a $572,000 Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, the AgriWebb team and product have undergone considerable change.

Through this change the AgriWebb founders have been able to keep the company’s goals in focus and their growth on an upward swing towards the mission of delivering the digital future of agriculture.

The Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme has helped AgriWebb expand their team from 12 to 50 employees across Australia and now has an office in the the UK with 12 staff working across all aspects of the business.

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Growing our in-house product team has always been a focal point for us.

Kevin Baum, CEO, AgriWebb

“I believe we have the best development team in AgTech today, which is critical to continuing to deliver exceptional product to our customers.  However, in the last 18 to 24 months we have been able to make key hires across the rest of the business as well, enabling us to provide excellent support to AgriWebb customers as well as reach more Aussie producers.”

This investment has yielded rewards with AgriWebb’s customer base nearly tripling since the beginning of 2017.

“Our early funding and the AC grant allowed us to work with the early adopters of our software and determine what features and functions we should be developing, while also learning how to help customers be successful while using the product” said Kevin. “I think that’s why we’ve seen adoption of the software right across Australia and in 6 countries globally.” This includes New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil.

AgriWebb continues to take the time to work with the farmers actually using the tools it builds, something the farmers of Australia seem to appreciate. In 2019 there are more than 3,900 farmers across Australia using AgriWebb’s farm management software. This equates to covering 50 million acres and with more than 10 million sheep and beef cattle under its management, representing about 13 per cent of Australia’s sheep and beef cattle.

Listening to it’s early adopters and building a product that solved real problems for Aussie producers was recognised by some influential international AgTech investors, The Wheatsheaf Group.  AgriWebb’s latest round of funding led by the British VC, meant an injection of capital and the acquisition of “Farm Wizard” a UK based farm management software company.

With a growing team and an injection of resources, AgriWebb expanded its focus to a new market in the UK as well as new products to further deliver value to the farmers of Australia.

In addition to its product for producers, AgriWebb is delivering new services such as digital tools that improve the industry. For example, the Advisor Portal gives farmers a simple way to share specified farm information with a trusted advisor, accountant or consultant.

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With the ability to share information generated on farm, our users now have the ability to get real-time advice and insights from their accountants, agronomists and anyone else that might need to see that data.

Kevin Baum, CEO, AgriWebb

“Really, we just want to enable farmers to run a better business, save themselves time and ultimately improve their quality of life, we just happened to start with record keeping to achieve that.”

The future is bright for this AgTech startup, and for CEO Kevin Baum it all comes down to “adding real value for the farmers that use our product every day. We were very lucky to start our journey with some incredible partners, including our Commercialisation Adviser, Peter Batchelor, from the AC Grant program, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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