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Person in white lab coat looking at complex circular metal components.

Amaero is able to manufacture metal apparatuses through its innovative 3D printing process

Accelerating Commercialisation support for 3D printing

Amaero’s work is game-changing technology for major manufacturing in aerospace and defence manufacturing and has attracted the attention of the global aerospace industry.

Scientists and engineers from Melbourne’s Monash University were the brains behind the technology and Amaero was created to commercialise the process.

This new process will allow design costs decreased with parts made by 3D printing, and tooling costs associated with changing the design will be virtually eliminated. Producing by casting or forging requires moulds that are expensive and with designs that need to be locked in.

Amaero received an Accelerating Commercialisation grant of $858,000 to help commercialise its additive manufacturing process and to achieve a fully qualified manufacturing process to supply and develop global markets.

AC grant funding allowed Amaero to accelerate the development and maturity of its processes so that customers such as Safran and Raytheon could approve Amaero for production programs. We were able to invest in a capable team and the necessary R&D to bridge the capability gap. We were able to engage motivated industry partners in Europe and the USA to exploit the capability and technology developed jointly with Monash University.

Barrie Finnin, CEO, Amaero Engineering

In 2016, Amaero opened its first offshore manufacturing facility – in partnership with the Safran Group in Toulouse, France; for production of aerospace-certified components.

Besides working with the Safran Group on aircraft parts from its manufacturing facility in France, Amaero is now working with giant aerospace firms such as Raytheon and Boeing.

Since receiving its grant in 2015, Amaero has grown its team from six to 12 employees.

Amaero’s work will also be transformational for biomedical, food and pharmaceutical processing, automotive and transport, tooling and machinery and equipment; and sectors like oil, gas and mining.

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