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Phil Hodgson, Calix CEO

Growing markets for green manufacturing technology

For the past decade, Calix Ltd has been developing cutting edge, eco-friendly, thermal manufacturing technology.

The technology involves processing minerals under carefully controlled intense heat to produce high value-added products which have a wide range of applications.

Calix is successfully commercialising its technology and in 2013 established a commercial calciner (kiln) to produce magnesium oxide at Bacchus Marsh in Victoria.

The very reactive magnesium oxide has speciality uses in water treatment and sewer asset protection, and is finding markets in aquaculture, agriculture and the manufacture of adhesives, polymers and rubbers.

“The operation provides us with the cash flow to explore the wider potential of our technology,” says CEO Phil Hodgson.

Hodgson says Australian Government commercialisation funding and expert advice has been vital in getting the Calix technology to markets.

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In Australia where there is a shortage of venture capital, the Australian Government support has been critical to us in the early stages of getting sustainable solutions to markets.

Phil Hodgson, CEO, Calix

Building on its magnesium oxide manufacturing business, Calix has developed low-cost slurry facilities that produce magnesium hydroxide, which is used in industrial wastewater and sewage treatment.

Previously, costly “heating and grinding” facilities were needed to create magnesium hydroxide, but Calix’s ‘just add water’ technology removes the need for these, making it an eco-friendly wastewater treatment solution. The process is also cost-effective as magnesium hydroxide slurry can be produced close to point of sale, eliminating the need to truck heavy water-based chemicals long distances. Calix has established a slurry facility on the Gold Coast, in the Philippines and is looking to replicate them at other sites around Australia and globally.

The company is also developing an eco-friendly, non-toxic, agricultural crop spray which can be used to stop the growth of fungi and bacteria.

It’s not just the valuable by-products created that make Calix’s technology so useful. Its core kiln technology is in itself innovative and environmentally friendly and has huge potential to reduce polluting CO2 emissions in industries such as cement manufacturing.

After winning a major contract with the European Low Emission Intensity Lime and Cement project in 2016, Calix is now leading a consortium of international corporations and research institutes to build a world-first, $31 million cement calciner pilot plant in Belgium.

Learn how Calix's industrial solutions are addressing the global sustainability challenge.

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