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Subo is a re-useable food bottle that helps children as young as 6 months to feed themselves.

Subo is an Australian manufactured, BPA free, easily cleaned, re-useable food bottle that helps children as young as 6 months to feed themselves with purées, smoothies, yogurts and mashed foods. Children sip the food from the silicon spout, and because the bottle is non-squeezable it reduces the chance of a wasteful mess.

Unlike the one billion squeezeable pouches that end up in global landfills every year, Subo is re-useable and mess free: “Imagine being able to feed kids yogurt when you’re out shopping without having to clean up a mess,” says Glen.

At the heart of Subo’s patented design is the non-squeezable cylindrical body, a moving platform and a one-way valve. Foods such as yogurt, purées, soft cereals and even homemade spaghetti are filled into the tube on top of the platform. As the child sips the food through the spout, the platform automatically moves up the tube dispensing the food directly into the users mouth reducing the risk of a mess.

Government assistance has helped our company from start-up through to growth phase. The funding and mentorship has allowed us to test and refine our product concepts, protect our intellectual property, manufacture and commercialise Subo - The Food Bottle. We are happy to report that tens of thousands of families across Australia are now using Subo to feed their kids healthy meals on the go.

Glen Mayer, Co-founder & Director , JAG Mayer

In 2015, JAG Mayer received an Australian Government Entreprenneur’s Programme Accelerating Commercialisation Grant of $247,380. The funding was used to develop manufacturing tools, intellectual property strategies and achieve international standards certification (the product meets both Australian and European standards for safe use without choking or entrapment hazards).

The product was launched in late 2016 and in June 2018, featured on Shark Tank Australia.

“Our online sales from Shark Tank equalled our first year total sales within a few days.” said Glen. “It proved to us that if we can get Subo in front of people and explain its benefits, they will be likely to purchase it.” The company is now focused on adding to their stockist list in Australia and capitalising on the interest from overseas distributors.

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