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Person holding a rolled rubber mat with diamond plate style grip markings

Perimeter Security Industries’ CEO Ian Bergman with his Secure Mats.

A smart sensor mat delivers rich data

Using smart algorithms and Australian know‐how, technology start-up Perimeter Security Industries Pty Ltd (Perimeter Security) has added motion detection abilities to floor mats, creating a novel sensor mat with unlimited possibilities.

Several entrepreneurs and inventors established the Queensland based start-up in 2010 to develop and commercialise the innovative movement sensor technology.

The patented Secure Mat technology involves a small sensor transmitting light from a LED through a mesh of plastic optical fibre inside a rubber mat. The technology monitors movement and disturbances on the mat’s surface providing a rich stream of digital data.

The technology can work independently or connect to an existing control panel to provide an integrated information service. It has multiple applications from monitoring security intruder movements and the balance of individuals in health and aged care environments.

An Australian Government Accelerating Commercialisation Grant and expert advice has been critical in getting the Secure Mat into markets, with Commercialisation Adviser Murray Rankin helping the company to expand its thinking on product applicability.

“A range of new markets such as health and aged care, transport subways and the marine sector are now being seriously looked at,” Murray says.

Perimeter Security’s co-founder and CEO Ian Bergman believes the technology will become “an essential component of future security control systems”.

Our technology is a game changer that will help restore market confidence in electronic security systems.

Ian Bergman, CEO, Perimeter Security

“In security environments, the Secure Mat can distinguish between real intruder incidents and false alarms, which can reduce ‘cry wolf’ incidents, where security personnel become desensitised by continual false alarms and which push up security industry costs,” Ian says.

Perimeter Security has successfully trialled and demonstrated its Secure Mat technology in a variety of situations, including to secure long outdoor perimeters; monitor people movements inside buildings; and in security and safety applications on industrial sites and commercial premises such as factories and warehouses.

New market focus has transferred to the Health and Aged Care sector where a new iteration of the fibre-optic based mat technology has been implemented to monitor elderly patient vertical and lateral sway movements as part of the slip and early fall indicator analysis for Aged Care facilities. 

While the company had the in-house expertise to manage the logistics and technical aspects of product development, it has contracted the General Mat Company in Sydney to manufacture its mats.

The company’s first product, the Safety Alert Sensor Mat, came off the production line in late 2015.

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