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6 plastic containers containing Sunfresh food products

Sunfresh Salads is committed to producing high quality salads, meal options and side dishes.

Sunfresh is a family-owned Australian company committed to producing high-quality salads and side dishes to accompany any meal.

For more than 20 years, Sunfresh has been providing a variety of salads and side dishes to the South Australian market. They focus on high-quality ingredients to offer a range of freshly prepared products.

Sunfresh has experienced strong growth in sales revenue over the last three years, which has supported major extensions to their manufacturing facilities at Mawson Lakes.

In 2017 Sunfresh joined the SA Foodland Supplier Improvement program to improve their links with Foodland and explore opportunities.

They now have a range of more than 30 fresh and nutritious products available in pre-pack varieties and bulk kits.

Sunfresh Salads has entered a period of strong growth founded on solid values of quality and innovation in producing convenient, appealing salad options.


  • Sunfresh have an annual cycle of a summer and winter range that brings new flavours to the consumer.
  • Sunfresh reviewed branding, labelling and packaging technology, and have developed new ranges including Café Plates.
  • Sunfresh continue to complete their accreditation audits and update systems to reflect new products and processes.
  • Sunfresh actively work with supermarkets in developing product range and in-store presentation.
  • Sunfresh have installed the pasta cooker and the walk-through oven. These projects have expanded their capabilities to produce innovative products and capacity to supply larger quantities.

How the government has helped

Assistance from the Growth Grant supported a Process Improvement Report that helped them with their work with Foodland supermarkets.

Download Sunfresh Salads' customer story