Entering into a new business relationship

This information is for businesses working in the building and construction industry. It covers steps you can take to protect your business before taking on a new client, supplier or contractor.

Taking on a new client

Do you know what to do before you start doing business with a new client? Learn how to reduce the risk of future disputes or non-payment in our information on working with a new client. You can find advice on:

  • client research
  • creating a contract
  • insurances.

Engaging with a new supplier

Entering into an agreement with a new supplier is a big decision, so it’s important to consider all your options to get the best outcome for your business. Read more on how to protect your business before taking on a new supplier, such as:

  • finding and choosing a reliable supplier
  • undertaking research
  • negotiating a contract.

Hiring a new contractor

Find out what your rights and responsibilities are before you take on a new contractor. Read our information on hiring a new contractor. This page provides help and advice about your obligations as a hirer, including:

  • employee or contractor?
  • negotiating a contract
  • insurances
  • workplace health and safety.

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