Managing finances

For your business to thrive it’s important to develop your financial knowledge and skills. Having a financial adviser is a good start, but knowing how to manage your finances will help you when making those important business decisions.

Start by finding out ways you can improve your financial knowledge.

Find out about the process of setting up a business account and other systems for your business, or read our financial tips for your business.

Our key financial terms will help when you are dealing with accountants and financial institutions.

Find the essentials of organising your finances along with the financial ratios that mark the health of your business.

By also reducing expenses, offering payment options or looking for grants and assistance, you can further improve your business’ financial position.

Find out more

  • Learn how good accounting systems will help you organise and keep track of your business activities.
  • Find out how to create an invoice in our section on payments and invoicing.
  • Understand the process for seeking finance to pave the way for business growth.
  • Learn how to manage debts and reduce the risk of having unpaid invoices or bills.
  • Learn how to manage your personal finances at ASIC's MoneySmart website.

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