Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration

The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration (IP Toolkit), a joint project with IP Australia, is designed to facilitate, simplify and improve collaboration between researchers and industry.

The IP Toolkit has three parts:

  1. Guides
  2. Tools
  3. Contracts.

Also there are other materials to support the IP Toolkit.

Who can use the IP Tookit?

The IP Toolkit contains guides and tools to help you use and manage intellectual property (IP) in collaboration. It can be used by anyone wishing to undertake a collaboration project involving business and research.

Which version of the IP Toolkit should you use?

The full IP Toolkit is designed to be used for collaborations of around $100,000 or more.

The mini version of the IP Toolkit can be used for lower value and/or less complex collaborations.

The complexity of a collaboration can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • third party involvement
  • joint ownership of intellectual property
  • number of collaborators.

If it's not clear whether it is likely to be a complex collaboration, then use the full version of the IP Toolkit.

How to use the IP Toolkit

Any element of the IP Toolkit can be used independently, but if using them as a whole, they should be used in order.

The recommended steps for using the IP Toolkit are:

  • read a guide
  • use the tools
  • instruct a legal area to implement the agreement using a model contract in the IP Toolkit or other contract that is appropriate to your needs.

Contact Us

For more information, phone 13 28 46 or send feedback on the IP Toolkit to

Disclaimer: The Australian IP Toolkit for Collaboration is only intended as a guide and is not legal advice - you should seek your own legal advice as required.

Thanks for your feedback. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, we'd love to hear them.

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