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Learn more about the Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment initiative!

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Are you a young Australian with a great business idea? If so, our friends at the Department of Jobs and Small Business have launched the Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment initiative to help young Australians start and run their own business! 

What is the Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment initiative?

The initiative is made up of four key measures to support young people starting a business:

  • New Business Assistance with NEIS – provides help by offering tailored training, mentoring and income support to young people who want to become self-employed by starting a business.
  • SelfStart Online Hub – provides information to guide young people through the first stages of starting their own business including planning, validating your idea, finding local support, and perfecting your pitch.
  • Entrepreneurship Facilitators - facilitators work in areas of high youth unemployment promoting entrepreneurship to help young people get their business idea up and running.
  • ‘Exploring being my own boss’ workshops – the two week workshops provide young job seekers with a taste of what’s involved in self-employment and starting a business. After these workshops, participants will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in running a small business.

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