What you need to know before you grow

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To help your small business turn its intellectual property (IP) into a product or service, IP Australia has developed a suite of online content that takes you through the commercialisation steps you should consider in relation to IP. This content aims to fill the knowledge and resource gaps that have been identified to be hindering business growth, in particular how to monetise your IP.

What you need to consider

To ensure you make informed decisions that will help you grow your business, there are a number of considerations to make during your commercialisation journey:

  1. understand commercialisation
  2. decide how to source and protect your idea
  3. review the IP background: due diligence
  4. choose your commercialisation vehicle
  5. choose your business structure
  6. decide how to fund your idea
  7. finalise your commercialisation plan.

Visit IP Australia’s website for more information and understand what you need to know before you grow.

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