Banned and restricted imports to Australia

When importing, it's important to find out if the goods you'd like to import are prohibited or restricted goods. You can find this information through the prohibited and restricted imports page on the Australian Border Force website.

If the goods are prohibited, try and find a local alternative by searching the Industry Capability Network.

If the goods are restricted, find out about the restrictions and what you need to do in order to import them. You may need to get a permit and pay a fee.

Importing chemicals

If you import industrial chemicals or products containing industrial chemicals (e.g. soap, cosmetics, paint, glue, printing ink and cleaning products) for commercial purposes, you must register with the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). Registration involves an annual registration fee.

Manufacturers may also be required to register depending on the circumstance. 

For restrictions and prohibitions on importing chemicals and chemical products, take a look at the Chemicals Business Checklist on our Personal protection and chemicals page.

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