Tips for saving water in your workplace

Being smart with way you use water in your workplace makes great sense regardless of the amount of water you use.

Here’s some tips to reduce your water use at work:

  • look for water leaks in fittings and use a water meter or flow restrictor where possible
  • report leaking taps, toilets and showers
  • replace tap washers and seals annually
  • install rainwater tanks and water-saving devices where possible
  • water garden areas only when necessary and use mulch to reduce water loss
  • ensure there is training of staff and testing of equipment for fire-fighting. Penalties apply for incorrect use of fire hoses
  • install software to help water utilities engage with your customers to save water and money
  • consider re-using or recycling water where possible. Refer to Australia's policy reform for the urban water sector
  • develop and implement ways to save water by involving your staff or a ‘water champion’ to check meters and monitor water use. Consult with external experts where possible
  • find out about using non-potable water (this means water not of drinking quality such as recycled water, storm water or greywater)
  • use products with a water efficiency label. Find out more from the Water Efficiency and Labelling Standards Scheme (WELS).

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