Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

The list of applicants that have been offered funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme includes:

  • when the offer was made
  • the name of the applicant
  • the project title, and
  • the amount of funding offered.

August 2017 Funding Offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Citrus International Pty Ltd  Citrus - a self-service auction based advertising engine $844,160
Dreamweaver IP Pty Ltd Sustainable packaging solutions for shipping of temperature sensitive products $936,805
Freshly & Co Pty Ltd Fresh chilled baby food range for Australian retail and export markets $664,000
GMDx Co Pty Ltd  TSM profiling software to determine continuance or cessation of Hepatits B Virus treatment $328,700
IMR Technologies Pty Ltd SensaLink-automated motor vehicle crash alert device saving lives around the world $728,641
Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd  3D bioprinting platform for medical research and drug discovery $760,000
Kinetic Orthotics Pty Ltd Improved access to accurate orthotic interventions improves mobility and health $499,002
Mining Excellence Alliance Pty Limited Remote optimisation of mineral processing plants using advanced data analytics $770,200
Sotaeria Pty Ltd  Safetape: The portable cloud-based safety barrier system $486,916
StarVac Systems Pty Ltd  Global market entry of StarVac's vacuum packaging technology $465,000
Ubaryon Pty Ltd Novel separation technique for environmental and production improvement in the energy industry $92,950

Complete list of Funding Offers

This is a complete list of Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers.

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