Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

The list of applicants that have been offered funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme includes:

  • when the offer was made
  • the name of the applicant
  • the project title, and
  • the amount of funding offered.

June 2017 Funding Offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Alkira Software Pty Ltd Towards Web 4.0 - access to web-technology for blind-and-vision impaired people $383,000
Crism Pty Ltd Crism - Pipe fitting without the need for welding or swaging $70,000
FM Clarity Pty Ltd New solution for out-of-the-box integrated facilities compliance and management $238,000
Grunbiotics Pty Ltd Development of medical foods for management of early Alzheimer's dementia $900,000
Integrity Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd Advanced Bolt Load Measurement and Assembly Quality Assurance System $421,741
Lucsan Capital Pty Ltd LUMEN® Climate Risk Analytics -Product to predict impact of climate risk on food supply chain $1,000,000
NWO Group Pty Ltd myeyes - Optical Dispensing Sales Assistance software $247,901
SiteSee Pty Ltd Intelligent feature extraction and visualization of Mobile Phone Towers $112,500
thedocyard Pty Ltd Cloud based deal management platform for managing corporate transactions $500,000
Almos Technologies Pty Ltd TableLocate - Cloud-enabled, wirelessly charged, battery-less customer location system $447,872
AML Technologies Pty Ltd Establish a contract bureau for large scale 3D metal printing $495,000
Animal Control Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd HOGGONE® Feral Pig Control Bait System $893,808
Australian Bio Fert Pty Ltd Organic waste management and biological fertiliser for agricultural markets $750,000
Australian ecoMarine Holdings Pty Ltd Australian Ecomarine - addressing food security by providing sustainable aquaculture solutions $965,644
Brontech Pty Ltd Decentralized identity and data sharing platform $124,960
Central QLD University Intelligent Train Control System for Heavy Haul Railways $167,000
Deotome Pty Ltd SpeedLight Live – Athletic performance training hardware and cloud data solution $371,204
Explorate Pty Ltd Explorate - reinventing the way to book international container space $150,000
Kasada Pty Ltd Scaling Kasada’s Polyform web application security business $484,824
Morse Micro Pty Ltd Ultra-low power WiFi chip for Internet of Things $407,747
Rubitronics Pty Ltd Digital Transformerless Hot Surface Re-Ignition System with Gas Valve Control $230,000
Vanguard Security Agency Pty Ltd Wireless IP Nurse Call/Evacuation System for Dangerous Work Places $340,050
Vertical Farm Systems Pty Ltd A fully-automated vertical farming system for commercial growing in any climate $447,697
V2H International Pty Ltd Radial Drilling System for Enhanced Petroleum Oil and Gas Recovery $1,000,000

Complete list of Funding Offers

This is a complete list of Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers.

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