Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers

The list of applicants that have been offered funding under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs' Programme includes:

  • when the offer was made
  • the name of the applicant
  • the project title, and
  • the amount of funding offered.

October 2017 Funding Offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Apollo Medical Imaging Technology Pty Ltd Commercialisation of AutoMIStar for Early Diagnosis and Therapy Guidance of Acute Stroke $609,649
Clipchamp Pty Ltd Supercut - End-to-end Online Video Production Platform $499,556
Helimods Pty Ltd System for rapid power-loading of ambulance stretchers into aircraft $1,000,000
Mediation & Online Dispute Resolution Operating Network Pty Ltd MODRON One Account - Mediator Online Dispute Resolution Platform $465,000
Mimictec Pty Ltd Animal behaviour product for improved poultry health $201,075
Nimblic Pty Ltd Medtasker - a mobile communication and care coordination platform for hospitals $258,445
NXT Global Pty Ltd
NXT Building System: systemised, integrated, inter-dependent, prefabricated building assembly system $479,726
Preventure Pty Ltd Innovative approach to reduce workplace injury risk using wearable technology $207,574
Segnut Pty Ltd Industrial Segnut – Faster and Safer Nut Release increasing safety and productivity $519,245
StartWarrior Pty Ltd Startwarrior® is a battery-less jump-starter for automotive and marine sectors $399,302
Xlabs Pty Ltd EyesDecide - Realtime eye gaze & Emotion tracking web platform $325,370

Complete list of Funding Offers

This is a complete list of Accelerating Commercialisation funding offers.

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