Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Programme Small Business Fact Sheet

This programme helps not-for-profit service providers to deliver low-cost business advice to Australian small businesses.

What does it offer?

This programme funds service providers across Australia to give small business operators, and intenders, professional, low cost advice.

Small businesses can access specialised and expert business support through relevant, low cost advisory services that are practical, flexible and focused.

Access advice regarding:

  • funding avenues and financial analysis
  • building your business
  • making the most of your talent and team
  • management capabilities
  • digital engagement implementation

Low cost services include:

  • diagnostics
  • business systems
  • mentoring
  • benchmarking and training

The advice and services are designed to help business:

  • achieve business goals
  • improve performance
  • develop accountability, strategy and focus
  • undertake business health checks and diagnostics
  • conduct market research and identify target markets
  • access up to date industry benchmarking
  • develop a business plan
  • improve bookkeeping processes and financial procedures
  • increase revenue and productivity through marketing and sales
  • build a referral network
  • enhance business skills through specialised training, events and workshops.

Who can apply?

Small business or business intenders with 19 FTE staff or less.

The programme is currently closed to further providers. When another funding round opens, information will be available at

How can I locate an ASBAS provider?

ASBAS Programme providers are located around Australia. To find your nearest ASBAS Programme provider, please see the list below.

If you are a small business wanting to receive advice from an ASBAS provider, you can find your nearest adviser in our Advisory Services search.

Where can I find more information?

Visit or call 13 28 46.

You can also download a copy of this fact sheet.


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