Automotive Diversification Programme

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If your business is part of the Australian automotive supply chain, this programme can help you move into other areas of manufacturing.


The Automotive Diversification Programme (ADP) is a $20 million grant which includes $18 million for competitive merit-based grants. It will support projects that supply products or services to:

  • customers in the Australian and international non-automotive industry
  • customers in the international automotive industry.

The ADP will help Australian automotive supply chain companies to diversify out of the domestic automotive manufacturing sector. Companies can apply for a grant to help with capital equipment costs. The ADP aims to help to retain manufacturing capability in Australia.

The ADP is part of the $155 million Growth Fund, which was established to support employees, businesses and regions affected by the closure of Australia’s car manufacturing industry by 2017.

The ADP is a competitive, merit-based grant funding.

What support or funding is available?

Applicants can apply for grant funding to use in an eligible project which undertakes eligible expenditure.

Grant funding available:

  • Minimum of $50,000
  • Maximum funding of up to $1 million
  • Can contribute up to 50% of total eligible expenditure.

Successful applicants can:

  • access multiple grants over the life of the programme
  • only receive up to $1 million in funding in a 12 month period, and
  • only receive up to a maximum of $1.5 million over the life of the ADP.

How do I apply?

The ADP is currently not open to new applicants, but you can call us on 13 28 46 for more information.

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