Entrepreneurs’ Programme customer experiences

ICT and Professional Services

Deepend Melbourne

Deepend Melbourne is a full-service digital agency. Deepend engaged the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to undertake a business evaluation to help develop strategies to manage and grow the business.

Single Cell Mobile Consulting

Single Cell Mobile Consulting is a software development and consulting company based in Sydney. The company accessed the Entrepreneurs Programme and undertook a business evaluation to review their marketing, grow their business and expand into new markets.

Advanced Manufacturing

A’Vard Industries

A’Vard is a small business in Victoria that has been helped by the Entrepreneurs Programme to undertake a business evaluation and transform their business.

TILT Industrial Design

TILT Industrial design is a specialist industrial design consultancy working with architects, developments, and artists to develop new concepts. TILT accessed the Entrepreneurs Programme to develop strategies to grow the business.

Food and Agribusiness

Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution creates a unique green banana flour, resistant starch for food products and green banana skin care products. They had access to a range of services under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme to help grow their business and develop innovative products.

Allied Grain Systems

Allied Grain Systems manufacture and install grain handling equipment. The Entrepreneurs’ Programme helped them identify key priority areas and develop strategies to grow their business.

GP & SJ Daly

GP & SJ Daly is a small family owned business producing and suppling washed and brushed potatoes to retail outlets in Tasmania. GP & SJ Daly saw an opportunity to develop further products from their waste potatoes into potato salads and mash, as well as starting their own potato vodka distillery. The Entrepreneurs’ Programme helped them by growing their business and expanding into new markets.

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