Export Capability Building Program NSW

At a glance


Provides NSW businesses exporting or looking to export with access to workshops to improve their export readiness.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, you must:

  • be a business based in NSW
  • be exporting or looking to export.

Other eligibility requirements may apply.


The Export Capability Building Program provides assistance to exporters across New South Wales.It aims to secure knowledge and maximise long-term export gains for businesses seeking to start export activities or export-ready businesses.

The core of the program is:

  • a series of Growing Your Exports workshops that increases your business' export-readiness
  • export labs with in-depth discussions on key trade issues
  • Country briefings which examine a significant overseas market.

The program also includes a number of informative webinars on topical issue for exporters, such as the recent Japanese and Korean free trade agreements.

What support or funding is available?

The program will encompass 40+ workshops and sessions across Sydney and regional NSW.

Who can apply?

Businesses in New South Wales can apply.

How do I apply?

Find out more about the application process at Export Capability Building Program.

More information

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