Independent Makers and Presenters Artists in Residence

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Provides individuals and arts organisations with funding of up to $12,000 to host local, national and international artists to provide skills development opportunities for independent SA artists.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, you must:

  • if applying as an individual, be an Australian citizen or permanent resident and live, or be primarily located in SA
  • if applying as an organisation, define the SA target artists who will benefit from the residency

Other eligibility requirements may apply.

Contact information:



The Independent Makers and Presenters (IMP) program supports skills and career development and the creation, and presentation of new work by independent practising professional South Australian artists involved in:

  • literature
  • the performing arts
  • visual art
  • craft and design

Funded activities include practical workshops, seminars, master classes, forums and performance demonstrations. Funding can also be sought for travel and accommodation costs, artist's fees and allowances, materials and presentation costs.

Up to $12,000 is available to eligible artists.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, you must be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency status, and be located in South Australia.

Your project can't be:

  • already completed, or due to be completed, before the start of the funding period. Funding will not be provided for past costs
  • without professional outcomes, such as amateur productions, the self-publication of literary works, fundraising, competitions, awards and prizes
  • formed as a part of a course of study, including graduation activities
  • a screen-based projects aimed at the cinema, film festivals or television, and media projects with a purely commercial outcome. Some activity will be eligible when incorporated into projects in other art form areas. Speak to Arts South Australia if you are unsure

Funding can't be used for start-up business costs and the purchase of basic equipment. Speak to Arts South Australia if you are unsure.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria at Independent Makers and Presenters Artists in Residence.

How to apply

Find out more about how to apply at Independent Makers and Presenters Artists in Residence.

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