Indigenous Advancement Strategy

At a glance


Provides organisations with funding to undertake projects or activities which promote equal opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, you must:

  • be a legal entity with full legal capacity to enter into a Project Agreement with the Commonwealth
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST if required
  • not be bankrupt or subject to insolvency proceedings.

Other eligibility requirements may apply.

Deadline to apply:

Applications may be made at any time.

Contact information:

1800 088 323



The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) is aimed at improving the lives and outcomes for indigenous Australians in 5 key areas:

  • Jobs, land and economy.
  • Children and schooling.
  • Safety and wellbeing.
  • Culture and capability.
  • Remote Australia strategies.

What support or funding is available?

  • The Government has committed $4.8 billion over four years to the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (the Strategy).
  • The Strategy will direct grant funding towards national priorities as well as the needs of Indigenous communities and regions.
  • The Strategy will replace more than 150 individual programmes and activities with five broad programmes.

Who can apply?

For more information and updates visit the DPMC website.

How do I apply?

For more information and updates visit the DPMC website.

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