Space Concession

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Provides businesses importing eligible goods for use in authorised space projects with a duty-free tariff concession to help the Australian space industry comply with international obligations.

Who can apply:

At a minimum, you must:

  • have an authorised space project that involves activities between parties from Australia and other countries
  • have a space project in one of the fields outlined in the Guidelines
  • complete an Australian Industry Participation Plan.

Other eligibility requirements may apply.


The Space Concession will benefit companies proposing to establish and develop operations in the high technology, high value-added space sector in Australia. It encourages the transfer of sophisticated space-related technology and technical expertise to Australia by providing duty-free entry of eligible goods imported for use in a "space project".

The Space Concession aims to:

  • increase the competitiveness of the space industry in Australia and
  • assist the Australian space industry to comply with certain international obligations.

What support or funding is available?

The Space Concession provides a duty-free tariff concession for eligible imported goods for use on authorised space projects. More information about eligible imported goods for use in authorised space projects is available in the Space Concession Guidelines.

Who can apply?

The applicant for the Space Concession must be the project proponent who is seeking to establish authorisation to conduct a space project.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To access the Space Concession, applicants must have a “space project” that:

  • involves activities between parties from Australia and other countries including:
    • joint investment
    • research or manufacturing or
    • the supply of equipment or technologies by one party to another for the purpose of the joint activity and
  • is in one of the following fields:
    • exploration of outer space
    • remote sensing
    • material processing in space
    • space medicine and biology
    • space communications and information technologies
    • satellite navigation systems and technologies
    • automated and manned space apparatus and systems and corresponding ground equipment
    • protection of the outer space environment or
    • space launch services and
  • is accompanied by an Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan.

Your project must be authorised as a space project first before you can import the goods for the project.

More information about eligibility criteria for applicants is available in the Space Concession Guidelines.

How do I apply?

There are two stages in the application process. We need to approve you in both stages before we grant you access to the Space Concession. The stages are:

Stage 1: establishing authorisation for a space project and AIP plan.

Stage 2: involves you seeking approval for a list of goods that can receive duty-free status in order for you to import them for the use in the authorised space project.

Please contact us on 13 26 48 if you are interested in applying. It is important that you speak to us at the very early stages of the project. We will help you determine if your project is suitable for the Space Concession.

After submitting either Stage 1 or Stage 2, we will contact you to discuss any points requiring clarification and provide advice on completing your application.

How will I know if I am successful?

We will notify you in writing about the outcome of your application.

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