Supply Chain Facilitation

If you'd like to improve your supply chain performance, Supply Chain Facilitation can provide you with practical advice.

  • Status: Open
  • Delivered by: AusIndustry


Supply Chain Facilitation offers your business practical ways to:

  • connect with, and supply existing and new markets
  • provide you with project opportunities.

At no cost to your business, a skilled Business Adviser or Business Facilitator will work closely with your suppliers and customers to:

  • strengthen your supply chain
  • improve your ability to access new markets.

Our Business Advisers and Business Facilitators have:

  • extensive experience, business and market knowledge
  • existing, long-term relationships with industry networks and business support services.

What support or funding is available?

Supply Chain Facilitation services are delivered through three distinct client services, namely:

These services include activities to:

  • work within a supply chain to find opportunities, improvements and linkages
  • support the entry of eligible businesses into new supply chains and markets
  • find and assess gaps in the business and connect this information with the supply chain opportunity
  • create and implement a plan, which builds and strengthens the business’ capability and skills
  • build connections between an eligible business and customers, both domestically and globally
  • share practical information on specific supply chains with industry.

Your business can expect:

  • a custom action plan with strategies for your businesses’ specific market or supply chain
  • training to help you to prepare for introductions to buyers
  • to join in supply chain forums and attend networking events and training.

Who can apply?

A business must be:

  • a for-profit company incorporated and operating in Australia
  • non tax-exempt
  • registered for GST and
  • a company with trading activities that are the majority of its overall activities.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Information Services

No eligibility criteria apply for Information Services.

Customer Connections and Supplier Improvement Plan

To attend Customer Connections events and/or receive a Supplier Improvement Plan, you must:

  • Satisfy one of the following:
    • be operating in one or more of the Growth Sectors which are:
      • Advanced Manufacturing
      • Food and Agribusiness
      • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
      • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
      • Oil, Gas and Energy Resources, or
    • provide Enabling Technologies and Services to one or more of the Growth Sectors, or
    • have the skills, ability, expertise or intellectual property to work in or with one or more of the Growth Sectors in the future, or
    • be a tourism business operating in Northern Australia.
  • be solvent
  • have filed Business Activity Statements in Australia showing ongoing trading in at least three successive years
  • have an annual turnover (or operating expenditure) within the current, or one of the last two financial years:
    • Between $1.5 million and $100 million, or
    • Between $750,000 and $100 million for applicants from Remote Australia or Northern Australia.
  • have completed, received, or be engaged in a Business Evaluation, Supplier Improvement Plan, Growth Plan, Business Review Report, Continuous Improvement Report, Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan or an equivalent service (Customer Connections only), or
  • not have received a Supplier Improvement Plan or Continuous Sustainable Improvement Plan in the last five years (Supplier Improvement Plan only).

Even if you do not meet eligibility, you can still register for information service events held throughout the year.

How do I apply?

Information Services

You can register for any of the information service events that are held throughout the year. You do not need to apply for or be eligible for any of the other Supply Chain Facilitation services to register for events.

Customer Connections

To apply for Customer Connections, you must complete the online Customer Connections Expression of Interest form which is available on the I'm ready to apply tab.

Supplier Improvement Plan

For your business to get the most out of a Supplier Improvement Plan, prior to applying you should engage with stakeholders in your supply chain to ensure they are willing for a Business Adviser or Business Facilitator to contact them to participate and gather information regarding your supply chain.

If you don't have an existing relationship with other businesses in a supply chain, but are still keen to get practical business advice, you may be more suited for the Business Evaluation service.

To apply for a Supplier Improvement Plan, complete the online Supplier Improvement Plan Application Form which is available on the I'm ready to apply tab.

How will I know if I am successful?

Information Services

You just need to register for the information services event when it is held.

Customer Connections

We will contact you within 10 working days to notify you of the outcome of your application.

As Customer Connections events arise, we will provide your details to participating buyers. We will contact you to arrange a time where we will introduce you to the participating buyer(s).

Before a connection or engagement occurs, you will need to work with a Business Adviser or Business Facilitator to:

  • undertake training to refine your value proposition and
  • maximise the businesses potential for a successful engagement.

Supplier Improvement Plan

We will contact you within ten working days to notify you of the outcome of your application.

We will tailor your Supplier Improvement Plan to address your business’ needs. The time it takes to complete your service will depend on:

  • the needs we identify
  • discussions between the Business Adviser/ Business Facilitator and your business and
  • discussions between the Business Adviser/ Business Facilitator and your customers and suppliers.

In most cases the Supplier Improvement Plan will commence within two months from the approval date. It must be fully completed within one year.

Following the completion of a Supplier Improvement Plan, you can apply for a Business Growth Grant.

If you are not successful, you will receive written advice outlining the reasons why.

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